I will welcome you in the Pyrénées Ariégeoises Natural Regional Park,where surrounded by welcoming and generous nature a new workspace is being created, dedicated to share and exchange with musicians and integrate them in the making process of hand made instruments.

the making

After the real creation process there is time needed to make a perfect setting.

And over the years i will be there for servicing and fine adjustments so that you can take comfort and be happy with an confidence inspiring instrument.


the wood

through sciences and emotions the maker has to get into the soul of the tree. it is indeed the wood that is supposed to make these instruments so unique.

Atelier de Lutherie Anne Diana Grohman

Association Petits Pas; Route de Montégut en Couserans, Lambège FR-09200 Moulis


+339 67 02 72 92- +337 83 02 95 31, grohmanncello@gmail.com

on Wednesday all day or on monday, tuesday, thursday and friday after 18h by appointment only.

deutsch, nederlands, english, français, italiano spoken

To get an idea of my work in questions of sound and craft it’s possible to take a break out in our Roulotte at Sarrat& Sabouliès near the workshop or get an impression and time to discuss during some expositions, salons or presentations I visit consistently.

Anne Diana Grohmann

“Through sciences and emotions, as a maker i have to get into the soul of the tree. It is indeed the wood that is supposed to make these instruments so unique. For me, a custom made instrument is a step closer to the union between the musician and the Earth he lives.

Playing a contemporary instrument is therefore a courageous decision. As a luthier, I would like to support the musician to be himself so that he can express himself freely.”

Through diverse training in France (Nice), Belgium (Antwerp), Italy (Milan) and Germany (Berlin) I’ve got a modern perspective of violin making. It is still rooted in the Italian tradition, which for me is born out of the simplicity and purity of a complex work following the rhythms of nature.

As a young cello maker I want to create something real, meaning it has to bear a very special energy appropriate to the musician.
I feel connected to the change and evolution of our time, which requires a search for new resources and a reasonable use of techniques and materials.

Member of the ALADFI and keen on Acoustics my work is nourished by contemporary scientific research to explain, challenge, question and realize the choices so often made thanks to expérience and intuition.

I think we’re told of universal beauty by nature: it’s only through our senses that we can perceive it. Since childhood I am fascinated by these creatures that are trees. To me listen, feel, look, touch, talk and exchange with a tree may call as many emotions as a live music concert!